How to Write Interactive Fiction and Interactive Audio Stories – 042 – Competitions


Another interesting way to position yourself as an author, make your work more known, and achieve greater reach is to submit your interactive story to competitions. In 2018, the famous Nebula Award introduced the category “Interactive Fiction”, for example. Similarly, the BAFTA Games Awards have a prize for “Best Narrative”, and the DICE Awards, a prize for “Outstanding Achievement in Story”. And the German Computer Game Awards, just like the Serious Games Award, present prizes for serious storytelling. An interactive story will certainly stand out and is something innovative.

To find out what competition would be the best fit for your story, you should do some research yourself. The interactive audiobook “Der Eiserne Falke” (“Iron Falcon”), for instance, won the Amazon Alexa Games Skill Challenge in 2018, and was awarded prize money of €12,500. It could therefore be worthwhile to submit your story to a competition. There are also marketing competitions which can be interesting for stories that have been written to promote a brand or product.

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