How to Write Interactive Fiction and Interactive Audio Stories – 043 – Marketing


If you want to publish your story as an independent author, you will, of course, have to take care of the marketing since players will have to be able to find your story before they can play it. Discovery and reach are an important issue in Voice. In the US alone, there are more than 77,000 Alexa skills, in the UK, more than 37,000. Conveniently, Amazon provides a great feature called Quick Links. This allows you to create a link to your story in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store which you can then post on social media or on a website, or share through WhatsApp, for example. If a user activates the link, they are asked whether Alexa should start your interactive story immediately or rather play it the next time they activate Alexa.

If your story is particularly innovative, attractive, and exciting, Amazon might decide to promote it in its Alexa Newsletter. This creates additional discovery and reaches players that are already interested in it because this newsletter is addressed to people who already own an Alexa.

There are many other great ways in which you can market your interactive stories. Since these are not that different from the marketing and advertising for regular stories, we will not expand upon them here. A short internet search will provide you with an avalanche of books, blogs, and videos that can provide you with useful information on the subject.

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