How to Write Interactive Fiction and Interactive Audio Stories – 044 – Follow-up Checks and Adjustments

Follow-up Checks and Adjustments

Follow-up checks and adjustments for interactive stories are an important topic in Voice. The format is still new, and not all players, writers, and producers are completely familiar with it yet.

Diligent follow-up allows you, based on reports, statistics, and ratings, to further improve your current story or to at least approach your next stories differently. You will not be able to write the perfect interactive story right away. But you can use the feedback you get to learn more about your players, their needs and their wishes, but also about their criticism, to become an even better or more successful writer. This is, by the way, a unique characteristic of interactive stories. What other authors have the opportunity to exactly track what readers like about specific points of their book and what they would prefer to be different?

So make good use of the reports that interactive storytelling tools like TWIST provide you with, and of the ratings in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store. Carefully analyze which decisions your players made, at what points they left the story, or their direct feedback on your story. These insights are invaluable.

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