How to Write Interactive Fiction and Interactive Audio Stories – 046 – Coaching for Writers

Coaching for Writers

Since 2018, we have coached more than one hundred writers in how to write interactive stories. We like to do this via webinars or one-to-one conversations with online conference tools like Skype or Zoom. As of now, both of these coaching variants are still free of charge for you.

During our coaching sessions, we will show you how to work with our interactive storytelling tool, TWIST, but also how to write interactive stories in the first (for beginners) or how to write better interactive stories (for advanced writers). We do this as straightforward and individually as possible, because we are enthusiastic story-tellers ourselves.

Feel free to contact us for writer coaching. The best approach is to first write a short interactive story of five or six story segments with two or three Player Choices. You can do this in TWIST directly but also in a separate text document. We will then use this story as a basis to give you tips, point out common stumbling blocks, and support you in your writing. Or you summarize the basic idea of your story in a few sentences and what players would find appealing and exciting about it.

Just submit a request to We will get back to you as quickly as possible. So far we have been able to help every author!

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