Iron Falcon Scores 1st Prize At Amazon Alexa Games Skill Challenge 2018

Interactive stories let the listener influence the action. So-called game books and Choose Your Own Adventure games have been around since the 1960s, but lost their popularity in the late 1980s.

EarReality produces stories for Alexa and offers them via its own portal for interactive audio books. With their “The Iron Falcon” skill, EarReality won the main prize for a German-language skill in the Alexa Skills Challenge: Games.

EarReality was founded by Christian Mahnke, Tobias Stiepack and Sebastian Schöps.

“It all started with a phone call from Tobias and Sebastian, who told me that they were thinking about developing something for Alexa,” recalls Christian.

“At that time, I was very busy with storytelling, especially in the area of ​​video games. There are great examples like Mass Effect or Last of Us. Then I had the idea of ​​reinventing the game books from earlier times with Alexa and I suggested it to both of them.”

Read the full interview on Amazon Devpost 

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