Expedition Endzone

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The world we know is barely habitable after a global nuclear catastrophe. After 150 years in underground bunkers, people set out to repopulate the surface and make do with the few things that can still be recycled. As you build your settlement, you’ll keep sending scouts to investigate abandoned places and gather resources for you and your people.

In this interactive audio adventure, for each expedition you’ll have to assemble a team of experts to investigate the situation on the ground. You’ll control them via radio and make all the important decisions for your team. Your goals: explore the abandoned places, find and rescue survivors and collect as many valuable resources as possible!

The interactive audio book “Expedition Endzone” is based on the video game “Endzone – A World Apart” by Assemble Entertainment.

Author: Cindy Guillas
Voice actor: Dave LaChance
Play time: 20-25 min

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