Terror at High Noon

Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Life is tough on the open range – wolves, mountain lions, why, even the heat of the high noon sun can turn a soul into vulture bait out here in the Wild West. But you are a survivor, and as luck would have it, you are almost home after a long cattle drive. 

 Yet, a far greater danger lurks inside your old friend Mrs. Pickett’s house. As you ride by her cabin on your trusty horse, a foul smell is on the air, and the eerie silence makes your skin crawl. It’s up to you to investigate the dark house and rescue Mrs. Pickett in a frightening tale filled with twists and turns, sinister secrets to uncover, unlikely friends and monstrous foes, and exciting battles to win – or lose.

 An immersive and interactive audiobook experience, Terror at High Noon will keep you on the edge of your seat no matter what time of day you play. Test your wit and luck in this game of choice and chance. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Author: Katherine Forrister
Voice actor: Paul Tinto
Play time: 30-40 min

Katherine Forrister is a speculative fiction novelist and interactive fiction writer. Her fantasy novels include “Lodestone” and “The Hand-me-down Maiden” from GenZ Publishing, and her science fiction novel “Curio Citizen” is forthcoming from Inkshares, Inc. “Terror at High Noon” is her debut interactive game story with EarReality.

Great story and voice acting!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Terror at High Noon is a fun genre mashing horror/western. The story is well crafted with twists and turns and the voice acting is great! Your choices really feel like they matter! This is worth a couple of play through as just to try new things. Highly recommended!

Jim Price

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