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EarReality’s spoken adventures offer a unique immersion for the moments in between. Our games turn virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into portals into your favorite fictional worlds.

As a leading turnkey publishing company for interactive audio stories, EarReality will guide you to create, publish, promote and monetize engaging stories and games. 

What are interactive audio stories ?

Engaging audio gaming experience

Interactive audio stories are branching narratives, they combine a rich immersion of linear stories, computer games’ interactivity, and the ease of use of Voice technology. Your players don‘t choose their own stories. They live inside them.

Play a demo story

Play our quick demo version to get a grasp on how interactive audio stories work and how it feels to be a part of them. 

What can interactive audio stories do for you?

Engage Your Fans​.
Anywhere. Any Time.

39% of American consumers use voice assistants for entertainment and gaming. EarReality games are hands-free, screen-free, and intuitively-designed.

Keep Audiences

Our stories sustain players enthusiasm between movie sequels or video game releases and stoke their excitement to return. 

Bridge The Gap
Between Releases

Interactive audio games are a great way to gauge audience sentiment ahead of or after a launch. Need to push back a launch date? Interactive audio games keep fans engaged in the interim.

Unlock New Revenue

Level up your stories with in-skill purchases! Our interactive storytelling tool Twist makes it easy to monetize interactive audio games with unlockables, consumables, and subscription options!

How can you use them?

Expand Your Brand Through Interactive Storytelling

Our TWIST platform (aka The Wonderful Interactive Storytelling Tool) makes it easy to elevate your content marketing by crafting compelling narratives which bolster brand awareness.

Steer brand association by putting fans in the driver’s seat of an interactive audio adventure. EarReality turns an apathetic audience into an army of brand evangelists.

Easy Adaptation of Existing Properties

EarReality has been entrusted with building on existing IPs from major players in film and television. Including Disney’s Toy Story and two of Germany’s most successful TV series (Tatort and Alarm für Cobra 11). We’ve also turned Audible audiobooks into an active gaming experience.

If you’re an entertainment company looking to engage your fans across multiple marketing channels, EarReality is your top one choice!

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games
EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

Elevate Education and Training Material

Interactive audio games make corporate training and employee onboarding activities interesting and captivating. For educators, EarReality games are an easy way to breathe life into instructional modules.

In under an hour, the TWIST platform empowers instructors to craft immersive roleplay scenarios to gauge comprehension and break up the tedium of a lecture or slideshow format. You can even implement a grading system or competitive ranking system based on employee responses.

Platform Licensing and Publishing Support

Are you a publisher looking to play a role in the future of storytelling? EarReality is the perfect partner. Not only are we happy to help adapt IPs for interactive audio, our award-winning writers and story coaches work with publishers licensing out the TWIST storytelling platform to craft compelling content of their own.

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games


Twist: Creating Interactive Audio Stories Made Easy

TWIST is a pioneering platform for interactive audio stories and games on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other devices. The platform boasts a remarkably intuitive design despite being quite feature-rich. This makes it easy for users to simply publish to Amazon, Google, and Samsung devices — in both Ebook and audio format— or even to a web player with a single click. There’s no coding required.

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

Coaching from Award-Winning Writers

EarReality’s team of award-winning interactive fiction writers, editors, and narrative designers is at your command!

Will they lead the charge in creating your content? Or will you call them in as reinforcements when you need a helping hand? That’s your choice!

And How can you Monetize them?

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

Increase Discovery & reach

TWIST Tales is a new skill library from EarReality. It provides a portal for accessing and discovering interactive audio games. Twist Tales includes partner and customer content, third-party projects, and our own original pieces.

Make use of In-Skill-Purchases

TWIST lets you leverage in-skill purchases in your interactive audio game. Users can purchase unlockables, consumables, and subscription plans. Even with their own voice right from your story!

EarReality is a Featured Agency by

Award Winning Writers

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

Our stories have won the Amazon Alexa

Games Skill Challenge and the Prix Digital Europe.

What our clients say

EarReality as a tech partner war reliable, flexible, very creative and most importantly, on top of the technological development and possibilities. They demonstrated a great commitment and showed a deep passion for our brand and product. I would recommend EarReality as a very strong partner when it comes to building interactive stories for Alexa.

Thorsten Mühl, Director Digital Marketing

Walt Disney Company

We worked with EarReality to deploy our interactive story “Tag X“ to Alexa via their interactive storytelling tool TWIST. EarReality proved to be an invaluable partner, even adding new features to TWIST to enhance the user experience of our story. We highly recommend EarReality and TWIST for building interactive stories for Alexa, and are already planning our next project with them.

Kathrin Nachbar, Team Lead Innovation

Bayerischer Rundfunk

Working together with EarReality allows us to create interactive stories for our loved brands, which is a whole new way of advertising. It is now possible for our fans and communities to experience our services and contents in a completely new way that has not been used before.

Luc Oeppert, Marketing Manager

Mediengruppe RTL

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EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

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