Create & publish interactive audio stories without coding

TWIST is a proprietary visual editor and a publishing tool with an intuitive and user-friendly graphic interface. It empowers everyone to become a game designer and an interactive writer easily. It was built with writers in mind.

Top 12 TWIST Features

TWIST started as our own way of simplifying the writing and production of audio interactive fiction, but it quickly grew into a separate project – a free tool for those looking to explore the possibilities of audio game stories.

Fast and straightforward live editing of story branches, texts and audio files

Integrated quick testing tool for writers & beta testing

Audio runtime is calculated during the writing

Automatically generated metadata for Voice app stores

Scripts & tree diagrams are easily exported for voice actors and recording studios

Reports on user behavior and tracking of player choices for future updates and optimisation

Automated game testing to detect technical errors (up to 1000 debugging runs)

Monitoring and notifications of user reviews

A web player plugin so you can reach audiences beyond Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby platforms.

Enable multiple episodes within one skill

Batch upload of audio files with automatic assignment

Integration of In-Skill-Purchases

Turn your movies & series interactive

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games

If you are a studio from the film industry wanting to participate in the future of storytelling, EarReality might be the partner you are looking for. Our interactive storytelling tool TWIST allows to stream videos, turning your movies and series into a personalized customer experience.

The complete guideline on how
to write interactive audio stories for Voice

EarReality - Interactive audio stories and games